Over 25 Years of Service to the Maritime Industry.

  • Transportation of 328FT/600TON Swing Bridge
  • Transportation of Fiber Optic Cable Conveyor System
  • Transportation of Military Aircraft
  • Transportation Radioactive Modules (688 Class Nuclear Submarine Re-fueling Modules)
  • Transportation of Bulk Chemicals
  • Transportation of Petroleum
  • Transportation of Pre-stress Concrete
  • Vessel Support for Offshore Placement of Acoustic Arrays
  • Vessel Support for Submarine Sonar Testing
  • Vessel Support for Live Gunnery Training
  • Vessel Support for River Bottom Coring
  • Vessel Support for Side Scan Sonar Mapping
  • Tug/Barge Services for Dredging Ooperations
  • Tug/Barge Services for Shipyards
  • Tug/Barge Services for Construction